Participant Criteria

Prior to submitting an application, it is important to give careful, prayerful consideration to the qualifications for the Apprentice Experience. The criteria listed below is intended to help potential participants determine if they are spiritually prepared and compatible for the course curriculum.

The Apprentice Experience is both ecumenical and inclusive. We are open to men and women who are seeking God and who desire growth while in Christian community. We encourage Christians from any ethnic background or people with disabilities to apply.

Interested participants should possess most of the following:

  • Sense a call to Christian Spiritual Formation.
  • Seek a transformational experience amongst a combination of clergy and laity in an ecumenical setting.
  • Motivated to participate in a learning environment that consists of reading, synthesis and interaction.
  • Desire to explore a personal journey towards Christlikeness and the ever-present Kingdom of God.
  • Possess an ability and willingness to engage in deep spiritual dialogue, even if it involves personal conflict and/or struggle.
Apprentice Experience

What others have to say about the Apprentice Experience:

“I consider the Apprentice Experience an essential privilege and an amazing opportunity; within a few months I have been exposed to and challenged by a wide variety of deep spiritual perspectives through curriculum, teaching and community interaction. I value and appreciate the high standard and dedication of the AE staff and leadership, and I have no doubt my life, and the lives I serve, will benefit profoundly because of their commitment to our spiritual development.”

–Steve D.

“I joined the Apprentice Experience to continue growing into Christ-likeness. At this stage in my journey, I felt I needed guidance from those well trained in the process. This community provides deep acuity and historical understanding of the process of Christian Spiritual Formation. They represent collectively decades of mentor-ship in the process of Christian Spiritual Formation. This experience is not merely academic (although the instructors are amazing), but holistic in its approach to form a person for Christ.”

–Carol B.

“I enjoy and am encouraged by the balance of content and practice with the emphasis on transformation in being apprentices of Jesus.  The instructors and leaders are highly interactive, and the connection with others among the Apprentice community is rich.  So worth the investment!”

–Mike B.

“I have found the Apprentice Experience to be a beautiful synergy of theology and praxis springing up out of the richest soil I know of – Jesus, the King and Master Teacher of the human race.”

–Scott R.


The cost of the Apprentice Experience is $6,000, which includes lodging, meals, instructors, books and some supplies. Travel to the four retreat locations is not included in the cost. Three installments of $2,000 are spread out to make payments easier for the participants.


The Apprentice Experience is intended to be a spiritual investment, not a financial burden. The goal is to enhance your journey in discipleship. While we recognize that the tuition is a factor in the decision to apply, we do not want cost to be the only reason to prevent participation. There is a limited amount of financial assistance available through private contributions to the Apprentice Institute. Please be considerate of those who truly need help in this area. We also suggest checking with your local church to see if financial support is available.

Current Participants

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